ATSX 1000 Red Bull Crashed Ice Yokohama, Japan

ATSX 100 Austrian Championship Judenburg, Austria

ATSX 250 Judenburg, Austria


ATSX 250 Rautalampi, Finland


ATSX 500 Igora St.Petersburg, Russia

ATSX 100 National Race Mont du Lac, WI, USA

ATSX 1000 Red Bull Crashed Ice Jyväskylä/Laajis,  Finland

ATSX 100 Percé, Canada

ATSX 1000 Red Bull Crashed Ice Boston, USA

ATSX 250 Uktus Ekaterinburg, Russia

ATSX 500 Mont du Lac, WI, USA

ATSX 100 Finnish National Championships, Jyväskylä-Laajis

Cancel due to warm weather - ATSX 100 Sugadaira, Nagano, Japan

ATSX 500 La Sarre, QC, Canada


The All Terrain Skate Cross (ATSX) Federation is the international governing body for Ice Cross Downhill, Dirt Cross & Lumber Cross.

It was founded in 2015 to promote and set up rules and guidelines for downhill sports on skates around the world. All downhill races in ATSX are in essence similar with athletes racing downhill with the main difference between the different sports encompassed by ATSX being the different terrains on which the races take place.



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