Luca Dallago


Luca Dallago had his first Ice Cross Downhill experience in Waidring at the first ever permanent practice track. It was the most insane feeling, and the door to the ice cross downhill world opened, Luca joined the series and competed throughout the whole 2012-2015 season.

In 2014 and 2015 Ice Luca Dallago, along with his brother, Marco, and their friend, Andreas Wirnstl, built a wooden track in a forest outside Graz, in Austria, to practice their ice cross downhill skills.

With the background in hockey, Luca wanted to train on this course during the off-season and inspire other ice cross downhill riders to do the same and so they put together a short video called the Couch Garden Movie Project and the organizers hosted the Dallago Summer Camps, a place tob e for Ice Cross Downhill athletes in the off-season.