Cameron Naasz


Since discovering the fastest sport on skates in 2012, Cameron Naasz has rocketed to prominence, writing history as the first American ever to take an event win, earning a team championship, and finishing first overall on 2015/16's individual World Championship podium. In 2016/17 he once again displayed his trademark speed, power and agility throughout the season to become the first person to win back-to-back titles.

Mirroring his everyday life, one of Cameron's skating strengths is transitions: he excels at building speed when pumping out of one section of the track to another. In terms of style, he sees himself a glider, saying, "I feel more confident when I'm gliding in a tuck – then I can attack at good angles."

In 2017/18, the Minnesota native will attempt to make it three titles in a row and stamp the word 'legend' beside his name in this ever-increasingly competitive sport.

Career Highlights

Ice Cross Downhill World Champion - 2015/16 and 2016/17

Ottawa, Canada, 2016/17 - 1st

Saint Paul, USA, 2016/17 - 3rd

Jyväskylä-Laajis, Finland, 2016/17 - 3rd

Marseille, France, 2016/17 - 1st

Saint Paul, USA, 2015/16 - 1st

Jyväskylä-Laajis, Finland, 2015/16 - 4th

Munich, Germany, 2015/16 - 1st

Quebec City, 2015/16 - 1st

Edmonton, Canada, 2015 - 1st

Belfast, N. Ireland, 2015 - 5th

Helsinki, Finland, 2015 - 3rd

Saint Paul, USA, 2015 - 4th

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2014 - 11th

Moscow, Russia, 2014 - 1st

Saint Paul, USA, 2014 - 3rd

Helsinki, Finland, 2014 - 7th

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2013 - 17th

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2013 - 1st

Landgraaf, Netherlands, 2013 - 27th

Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA), 2013 - 3rd

Niagara Falls, ON (Canada), 2013 - 2nd

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2012 - 65th

Are, Sweden, 2012 - 15th

Valkenburg, Netherlands, 2012 - 21st

Saint Paul, MN (USA), 2012 - 24th