1.1: Competition Rules

All events part of the ATSX Calendar must be held under the applicable ATSX Rules.


1.2: ATSX accessibility

The ATSX competitions are structured so that riders of all skills levels, from

amateurs to professionals, can compete in the same world racing structure. All riders

on all levels are ranked on the ATSX World Ranking. All riders competing in any of the

ATSX sanctioned race will see their collected points added to the ATSX World Ranking.

With 4 different race levels, there is a level of competition for everyone who wants to

compete and develop their skills.


1.2.1: ATSX License

A competitor must have a valid ATSX license to take part in any race or competition.

A valid passport shall determinate the country of origin of a competitor.

A rider can apply for an ATSX license on when registering for his/her first race

of the season.

There are 2 licenses options.

- Single race license (valid only for one race he/she registered for)

- Season license


1.3 ATSX Competition levels

ATSX categorizes events on 4 different levels and invitational events.

The attribution of an ATSX race level denotes the significance of the event on a global

scale, the number of the ATSX World Ranking points obtainable, the overall quality

of the event and the level of competition.

All 4 levels of ATSX races are governed by the ATSX. Unless otherwise specified, all

ATSX regulations are applicable to all races.


1.4 Participation ATSX Races 

ATSX100, ATSX250 and ATSX500 are open for all athletes. 

The access to an ATSX 1000 competition is restricted.

Only riders in accordance with the 1.4 Limitation of participation at ATSX 1000 rule will

be invited to take part in an ATSX 1000 race.