We are ATSX

The All Terrain Skate Cross (ATSX) Federation is the international governing body for Ice Cross Downhill, Dirt Cross and Lumber Cross.

It was founded in 2015 to promote and set up rules and guidelines for downhill sports on skates around the world. All downhill races in ATSX are in essence similar with athletes racing downhill with the main difference between the different sports encompassed by ATSX being the different terrains on which the races take place.

The Executive Board is elected for a one-year term by representatives of the National Federations and it is the governing body of the ATSX between its annual general meetings. The Executive Board members support the chairman in his duties, attend the board meetings, offer guidance and direction, and serve as important regional liaisons between the national bodies and the international federation. The ATSX Chairman of the Board heads the organization. The Chairman directs the ATSX and also represents the ATSX in relations with third parties as well as international organizations, development matters, marketing, information, and special projects.

ATSX Office:
All Terrain Skate Cross Federation
6020 Innsbruck

Executive Board Members:
Stefan Aufschnaiter
Chairman of the Board
Address: Bichling 174, 6363 Westendorf, Austria

Arttu Pihlainen
Executive Board

Reed Whiting
Executive Board


Flagge Austria Austria
ÖSCV Österreichischer Skate Cross Verband
Chairman: Michael Krainer-Bidovec
Board Members: Marco Dallago, Sascha Stöffelmayer, Luca Dallago
Address: Radegunderstrasse 221, 8045 Graz
Founded: September 2015

Flagge Kanada Canada
in the process of being founded

Flagge France France
in the process of being founded

Flagge Finnland Finland
Suomen Alamäkiluisteluliitto ry - Finnish All Terrain Skate Cross Association
Chairman: Arttu Pihlainen
Board Members: Matias Schantz, Lari Joutsenlahti, Salla Kyhälä, Petri Hyvärinen, Max Kolu
Founded: May 2015

Flagge Germany Germany
in the process of being founded

Flagge Russia Russia
The Ice Cross Downhill
Chairman: Pavel Kryukov
Board Members:
Founded: July 2015

Flagge USA United States of America
USA Ice Cross Association
Chairman: Reed Whiting
Board Members:
Founded: June 2015