Scott Croxall


For Canada's Scott Croxall, regaining the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship he won in 2015 is just one part of a busy life. He's a multi-sport athlete and a businessman, having founded the clothing brand TEAMLTD. The LTD stands for "living the dream," and for Scott, living the dream involves a lot of dedication and hard work, balanced out by good times with friends and family.

"I have a hectic schedule all year. In the summer I compete on the Team Canada's Waterski Show Team, so I'm busy training for that sport along with running the business," says the athlete, who also has a background in competitive ice hockey. "And then there's lots of off-season training that goes into ice cross downhill, so it's always nice to get to the events and really focus just on racing."

Although Scott makes his home in Toronto, for watersports training and just relaxing, he spends part of his summer in the wooded landscape of Muskoka, Ontario, where his parents and his girlfriend have lake cottages.

"I love the lake life. I put ice cross downhill outside my head and then when it's time to train for the winter I focus on that," he comments, explaining that he works with staff at a world-class training facility to perfect his mental and physical readiness for the fastest sport on skates.


Career Highlights

Ottawa, Canada, 2016/17 - 4th

Saint Paul, USA, 2016/17 - 6th

Jyväskylä-Laajis, Finland, 2016/17 - 1st

Marseille, France, 2016/17 - 3rd

Saint Paul, USA, 2015/16 - 2nd

Jyväskylä-Laajis, Finland, 2015/16 - 1st

Munich, Germany, 2015/16 - 2nd

Quebec City, 2015/16 - 3rd

Edmonton, Canada, 2015 - 2nd

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2015 - 1st

Helsinki, Finland, 2015 - 1st

Saint Paul, USA, 2015 - 9th

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2014 - 2nd

Moscow, Russia, 2014 - 9th

Saint Paul, USA, 2014 - 2nd

Helsinki, Finland, 2014 - 4th

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2013 - 2nd

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2013 - 3rd

Landgraaf, Netherlands, 2013 - 43rd

Saint Paul, MN (USA), 2013 - 2nd

Niagara Falls, ON (Canada), 2012 - 33rd

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2012 - 3rd

Are, Sweden, 2012 - 3rd

Valkenburg, Netherlands, 2012 - 4th

Saint Paul, MN (USA), 2012 - 3rd

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2011 - 6th

Moscow, Russia, 2011 - 16th

Valkenburg, Netherlands, 2011 - 2nd

Munich, Germany, 2011 - 4th

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2010 - 4th

Munich, Germany, 2010 - DQ

Quebec City, QC (Canada), 2009 - 34th